I come from the woods

Shanda Studd  I come from the woods

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Outside, the birds sing.

Outside, the birds sing.

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keep breaking. this.

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song heard silent

within the
rumble of the machinistic world
the claim of the cries
of children
the music of birds
and the laughter of lovers
is a song

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it becomes poetry

it becomes poetry

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i keep breaking it up

i keep breaking it up
to repackage it.
do it again

here, after a long while
of stillness and rain
the sky met earth
and you,
you were outside,

i was inside going through files.
files, i’d filed with you
they’re such an exact documentation
it surprised me.

i wasn’t expecting the title.
i’d forgotten.
but it made such perfect sense-
our nomenclature
we decided to name

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sheer terror of existence

a visceral scream
the why
emergence as such
attests to
the supreme
and impossibility
of consciousness

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12-12-12 SnowTurn

ATTN: typical computer/laptop speakers will not relay the low monaural tones (6 Hz)

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Found Bits

what she said

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