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how my heart

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. how my heart crept in bed with me this morning in the black in the cool in the quiet first, as always, the smell rising from the heat blood, down and flesh then, touch,…

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broken things

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Outside, the birds sing.

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she sits

she sits on the stone wall in front of the moss in front of the ferns and the heather and takes me in with eyes wide enough to swallow the air which quivers in our suspended gaze so wise so … Continue reading

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how narrow we see the world

how narrow we enter the world    passages of soft and hard  echoing bony ellipses   unspeakable traces    whose thin embraces  ’round trembling flesh lie how narrow we see the world    glimpses of light and shade  verges of matter and wave   flashes … Continue reading

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And I Look At You


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les baleines et la libération

Special thanks to the Sirius Institute for permission to use recordings from the CD The Cetacea – Whales & Dolphins Sing LA LIBÉRATION PAR LA VISION NUE DE LA NATURE DE L’ESPRIT de Padmashambava (VIIIème siècle) extract translation de Daniel … Continue reading

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so naked

i was so naked when i came so naked, you could see through my skin so naked, you could see through my flesh so naked, you could see through my bones but what is seeing, but an illusion we use … Continue reading

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circulating things

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