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sing this place in between now

oh words, words, words. soft rain, when fall beckons winter,  is cold .dangerous. wiping away all traces of blue, bringing it down, down to earth. from here we decay. from here we are born. sing this place in between now .sing.

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overhead, the sky is grey

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leaves wind train

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Outside, the birds sing.

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i keep breaking it up

i keep breaking it up to repackage it. do it again here, after a long while of stillness and rain the sky met earth and you, you were outside, singing. i was inside going through files. files, i’d filed with … Continue reading

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I TACET II TACET III TACET based on version performed by David Tudor at Woodstock, NY, August 29, 1952

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it is not often a hawk

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rolling things

like an engine goin’ round chigga-boom chigga-boom ya got me rollin’ goin’ round chigga-boom chigga-boom like a wheel goin’ round chigga-boom ya got me rollin’ shanda 30 sept 2010 and 3 oct 2010

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Birds’ Kirtan

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whales. songs.

underwater the songs change first time listening they are familiar. i listen again woo. woo.

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