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as anonymous as genetic coding

except for some, which are named 17P/Holmes.

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things i would like you to know

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i could type this loud

i click and repeat and listen as it all happens i could do this over and over, again i want to piece it together and tear it apart but you cannot hear or see my hesitation my silence (nor do … Continue reading

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didge, piano, paint

three jam in amsterdam

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tattoos scars graffiti growths

.i know they are there tree carvings, scars, cutting rituals to bind lovers or mark time i move in to catch them and find something else in the voluptuousness of trees secret curves, intimate openings am i involving myself in … Continue reading

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between the lines

crystal sweeping time reverses shared stories whispered poems trying to find between the lines

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but then i don’t look up that much and kick things aside to move what is broken.

the closets have turned into virtual worlds. living amidst the contents by day, my view is clutter. cluttered.but then i don’t look up that much and kick things aside to move what is broken. this bed frame is now on the patio where … Continue reading

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