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quand je suis ici, je suis heureuse

In my creamy-walled apartment in Paris, I look at three papers in my hand, the middle, a mandala of words.

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proces(s) sing

[style: classical] open the throat as if you could drop a hard-boiled egg through it (why not a raw egg?) hum an ‘m’ in the forehead to locate upper resonance (higher… higher.. yeah) breath in fully and into the flanks … Continue reading

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Snippets of possibility arrested in brief moments of clarity Like my dream. I compose in between In between dreams And waking. While driving in the car Passing through Tantalized by words I knew before I was born: Liminal. Structure. Breath. … Continue reading

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my voice

yesterday i heard my voice for the very first time again it’s ok not at all like a self-imposed silence or any kind of external oppression more like the day i was born again i am told daily the same … Continue reading

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what i hear, i read aloud

i read aloud what i hear what i hear, i read aloud aloud, i read i hear. i read.

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blackbirds, sparrows, magpies, crows residual grief from my dreams swells in the corner like the chamber of a rubbery black bagpipe played by a shadowy self my child self once turned and played by a stage. now i recreate the … Continue reading

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messages for myself

i look up, staring with soft focus at a perforated drop ceiling. in this hot room i return to again and again, there are faces. i make them. i see them. they offer me respite. i’d forgotten my ink drawn … Continue reading

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(un)expected corner

today i received one of those emails cc’d to myself back in my inbox. i suddenly saw a side of myself that i am not so accustomed to. decision and daadkracht (sometimes i can’t think of the right english word … Continue reading

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facing within

this i found on the bathroom wall as i squatted over the toilet. industrial. indelicate. cream painted walls scratched on, drawn into.  it’s how it happened: me squatting and looking up, out, and seeing this face within this other face. … Continue reading

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