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listening to your hands

softness sinking face on floor pressure no pressure listening to your hands how softly they touch and follow i follow follow my breath your hands anchor me in space somehow flying floating on this breath now stops never to come … Continue reading

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overhead, the sky is grey

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symbiomorphic journey

primary sexual metamorphic impulse blazing through the body melting ligaments and tissues liquifying bones annihilating bodily structures toward one pulsating mass a throbbing vibration of expansion and contraction an amoeba once called the self no logic no structure no grid … Continue reading

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1. i forget you every day. over and over and over again. 2. in that time forgotten i am present reckless i snap pictures, shove them in my pockets default names smeared across my screen. in.stance. 5. deleted memories do … Continue reading

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I come from the woods

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keep breaking. this.

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it becomes poetry

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i keep breaking it up

i keep breaking it up to repackage it. do it again here, after a long while of stillness and rain the sky met earth and you, you were outside, singing. i was inside going through files. files, i’d filed with … Continue reading

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Found Bits

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I TACET II TACET III TACET based on version performed by David Tudor at Woodstock, NY, August 29, 1952

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