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listening to your hands

softness sinking face on floor pressure no pressure listening to your hands how softly they touch and follow i follow follow my breath your hands anchor me in space somehow flying floating on this breath now stops never to come … Continue reading

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flick of a finger

i grasp his struggling body heart racing sinews twitching writhing and pushing to get away a mirror image of his prey the desperation to kill equalling the desperation to survive i toss him in the house and turn my attention … Continue reading

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broken things

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1. i forget you every day. over and over and over again. 2. in that time forgotten i am present reckless i snap pictures, shove them in my pockets default names smeared across my screen. in.stance. 5. deleted memories do … Continue reading

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I come from the woods

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song heard silent

within the rumble of the machinistic world the claim of the cries of children the music of birds and the laughter of lovers is a song heard silent

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sheer terror of existence

a visceral scream endlessly encasing the why whose very emergence as such preverbal attests to the supreme madness and impossibility of consciousness

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12-12-12 SnowTurn

ATTN: typical computer/laptop speakers will not relay the low monaural tones (6 Hz)

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trinity of existence

i am here i am already dead i am yet to be born

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