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For decades, scientists and engineers have been fascnated by cybernetic organisms, or cyborgs, that fuse artificial and natural systems. Cyborgs enable harnessing biological systems that have been honed by evolutionary forces over millennia to achieve astounding feats. Male moths can … Continue reading

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that moment: then (built upon another moment)


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.transcience grips me (slips me) the caught (released) in between this and an other reality landed (departing) but not fully time and time again oscillation as if breathing in may divert me toward (away from) an other self breathing out.

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what is called (known)

event number two. pouring out all that is, was mixed together cupped hands an offering to be hold let loose desire forming from beyond vulnerability this prescience. this now.

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that vessel called desire

what is under/through/beyond desire? ecstasy/boredom/exhaustion? event number one. to stand or lie naked three days eye(eye) nose(nose) belly(belly) skin(skin) until see(i)n(g) more than see(i)n(g)… hollowed out and filled in shared presence alone beyond vulnerability empty.

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peering out of the mask peering into the mask

what masks this masks, what?

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a hypnopompic state and circumstance

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ya got me rollin’

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