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broken things

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sheer terror of existence

a visceral scream endlessly encasing the why whose very emergence as such preverbal attests to the supreme madness and impossibility of consciousness

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trinity of existence

i am here i am already dead i am yet to be born

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I TACET II TACET III TACET based on version performed by David Tudor at Woodstock, NY, August 29, 1952

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.transcience grips me (slips me) the caught (released) in between this and an other reality landed (departing) but not fully time and time again oscillation as if breathing in may divert me toward (away from) an other self breathing out.

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that vessel called desire

what is under/through/beyond desire? ecstasy/boredom/exhaustion? event number one. to stand or lie naked three days eye(eye) nose(nose) belly(belly) skin(skin) until see(i)n(g) more than see(i)n(g)… hollowed out and filled in shared presence alone beyond vulnerability empty.

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in the empty room there shines a light

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alex! yo alex! whatcha got there?

“it’s alive,” he said. “it’s just not doing anything.” meaning making is an iterative process. it is a joining of this and that. connecting you and me. aha, she wrote. i understand. and they in turn explained.

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great elements

the first five tattvas (mahābhūtāni) are earth water air ether fire the earth is real! only my superficial contact with the earth is not real. the water is real. only my superficial contact with the water is not real. the … Continue reading

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things i would like you to know

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