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symbiomorphic journey

primary sexual metamorphic impulse blazing through the body melting ligaments and tissues liquifying bones annihilating bodily structures toward one pulsating mass a throbbing vibration of expansion and contraction an amoeba once called the self no logic no structure no grid … Continue reading

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Outside, the birds sing.

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keep breaking. this.

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it is not often a hawk

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Birds’ Kirtan

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whales. songs.

underwater the songs change first time listening they are familiar. i listen again woo. woo.

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the thawing

i stopped in the road where it floods. water covered in a thin layer of ice. i got out of my car. it was so loud. not the wind like this recording suggests. the thawing. ice breaking off trees into … Continue reading

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there is this world

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Another morning(from yesterday)

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morning’s sky

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