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sing this place in between now

oh words, words, words. soft rain, when fall beckons winter,  is cold .dangerous. wiping away all traces of blue, bringing it down, down to earth. from here we decay. from here we are born. sing this place in between now .sing.

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quiet lake

(words found in an old agenda) love soft and gently rocking like the membrane of a quiet lake mixed by unknown scales twisting mass of muscles and fins darting desires pulsating guts churning will moves caresses carries sustains transference of … Continue reading

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that vessel called desire

what is under/through/beyond desire? ecstasy/boredom/exhaustion? event number one. to stand or lie naked three days eye(eye) nose(nose) belly(belly) skin(skin) until see(i)n(g) more than see(i)n(g)… hollowed out and filled in shared presence alone beyond vulnerability empty.

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solving solvent, soluble.

i want wah (like whine) to paint pay letters across the sky. so pretty. so pretty they make me smile not think. just open to possibility, solving this dilemma. creating a solution of which i am. i am part and … Continue reading

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