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falling asleep – waking up

(w)holes abound traversing on the edges of SCRUTINY – like an engine goin’ round chigga-boom chigga-boom ya got me rollin’ goin’ round chigga-boom chigga-boom like a wheel goin’ round chigga-boom ya got me rollin’

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until the spit triggers me to swallow

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solving solvent, soluble.

i want wah (like whine) to paint pay letters across the sky. so pretty. so pretty they make me smile not think. just open to possibility, solving this dilemma. creating a solution of which i am. i am part and … Continue reading

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check to make sure all the spaces are correct (or: this is how i drive myself crazy)

c                    o                    n                    t                    r                    o                    l                   c                   o                   n                   t                   r                   o                   l                  c                  o                  n                  t                  r                  o                  l                 c                 o                 n                 t                 r                 o                 l                c                o                n                t                r                o                l               c               o               n               t               r               … Continue reading

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in the empty room there shines a light

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graphic notation

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revisiting rust reconstituted.

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getting rusty

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there is this world

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