how narrow we see the world

how narrow we enter the world
   passages of soft and hard
 echoing bony ellipses
  unspeakable traces
   whose thin embraces
 ’round trembling flesh lie
how narrow we see the world
   glimpses of light and shade
 verges of matter and wave
  flashes of shadow crust
   revealing themselves in a play
 of unceasing concealment
how narrow we leave the world
   stone and crystal
 filling one for one
  the palaces of tissue
   ossification running gracefully
  slipping smoothly
 overtaking the quivering
  substances of life
how narrow we hold the world
   shedding scraps and shells
 the barren cracks and blasts
  of our unfathomable thirst
   for immolation
 where once trembling flesh lay

how endless we hear the world

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  1. IONE says:

    Thank you, dear Shanda- Lovely… moving.. IO

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